Turkiye sees highest ever number of monthly tourists from India

NEW DELHI: Indian tourists flocked to Turkiye (previously known as Turkey), which recently removed all Covid-time entry restrictions, like never before this summer. The Turkiye Tourism Board (TTB) says over 27,300 Indians visited the country this June — the highest ever monthly figure for desi tourists there. The previous high was in June 2019 when 24,000 Indians went to Turkiye.
“Turkiye had welcomed 5.2 crore travellers in 2019, touching $34.5 billion in tourism revenue. Of these, 2.3 lakh were Indian nationals, which is the highest number of Indian travellers recorded till date, by the country,” TTB said in a statement.
Now Turkiye, like almost every big tourist destination globally, is keen to attract foreign inbound as pandemic-time travel restrictions ease. The Indian globetrotter is making the most of this reopening, especially after regular foreign flights were allowed by India earlier this year.
“With Turkiye recently relaxing all the Covid-19 related travel restrictions for Indian visitors, the country hosted the highest ever number of travellers from India, in June 2022. Turkiye received more than 27,300 Indian tourists in June 2022, breaking all the previous inbound travel records from India, in a single month….. ease of procuring visas for personal and leisure travel (and) carriers like Turkish Airlines and IndiGo resuming direct flights to the country, travelling to Turkiye has become more convenient for Indians,” TTB said in a statement.
India has been one of the top source markets for visitor arrivals into Turkiye. “May and October are the most preferred months for Indian tourists to visit Turkiye… indicates that more record-breaking numbers will follow in the coming months,” it added.