Amazon’s new Kindle arrives soon with blockbuster features on a small budget

Amazon is releasing a brand new entry-level Kindle in 2022 which comes with some eye-catching features. The new device is priced at £84.99 for the version without ads, and pre-orders are open right now ahead of an October 12 release date. While this is £15 more than the current base Kindle, there are plenty of reasons why this latest upgrade is well worth the extra money.

The new Kindle brings with it three major upgrades over its predecessor the first of which can be seen in the display.

Amazon has fitted the 2022 Kindle with a 300PPI display, which is the same resolution quality as the more expensive Paperwhite.

Prices for the Paperwhite begin from £129.99, and one of the big selling points of this ereader is its crystal clear display.

But now the entry-level Kindle will offer that same fidelity, which is almost three times the resolution of the 2019 Kindle (which has a 167PPI display).

This is a huge upgrade, and for anyone used to previous entry-level Kindles this will transform your reading experiences.

This alone is worth the extra money but the new 2022 Kindle also adds plenty of other great extra features.

You finally get USB-C support and it also boosts the battery so it provides six weeks’ worth of life on a single charge.

Besides this, the 2022 Kindle now offers double the storage of the previous model, with a whopping 16GB of onboard space compared to 8GB before.

This is even more space than the Kindle Paperwhite, which has 8GB of storage as standard.

If you use your Kindle to store plenty of audiobooks in addition to your ebook library this upgrade will especially come in handy.

Besides all of these great features, the 2022 Kindle now comes in a snazzy new denim colour and is also made from even more recycled material before.

Amazon used 75 percent post-consumer recycled plastics in the black model, but only 30 percent in the denim device.

The spec sheet for the 2022 Kindle is definitely impressive, but we’ll only be able to say for certain if it’s worth picking up over the Paperwhite once we get hold of it for the first time.

On paper at least, the 2022 Kindle equals or even bests the 2019 Paperwhite – which has long been the best all round ereader available on the market – in some key ways.

But there is one area where the current Paperwhite easily bests the 2022 Kindle.

While both devices have a 300PPI display, the Paperwhite has a much more powerful front light – which is powered by 17 LEDs as opposed to the 2022 Kindle’s four LEDs.

So, if you mainly read at night it looks like the Paperwhite will still be the best choice for you.