Water utility apologizes to Baste Duterte for irate consumers tagging him online

DAVAO CITY—The Davao City Water District (DCWD) apologized to Mayor Sebastian “Baste” Duterte “for dragging him into the online brouhaha where irate water consumers took out their frustrations on social media during a prolonged water interruption.”

“Mangayo mi dispensa kay Mayor kung pati siya naapil sa panghitabo [We would like to apologize to our Mayor as he was dragged into the problem],” said Jovana Cresta Duhaylungsod during her guest appearance on Monday’s Kapehan sa Dabaw.

The Philippine Information Agency (PIA) dispatch carrying the story said Duhaylungsod clarified that contrary to criticism that Duterte was not on top of the situation, she said the City Mayor’s Office was already in contact with the DCWD over the water disruption.

“The moment when it happened, their office got in touch with us immediately. And their emphasis on us is to make sure if you cannot restore the water supply quickly, find ways to augment water supply in areas with no water and find ways to minimize the affected areas,” Duhaylungsod said.

The problem started in the evening of September 15 when DCWD issued an emergency interruption advisory to those served by Line 2 of the Dumoy Water Supply System. Initial assessment done in the following morning revealed extensive electrical damage.

Line 2 of the Dumoy WSS serves 60,000 to 70,000 households. The prolonged water interruption agitated consumers who vented their ire on social media with some sending messages to the Facebook account of City Mayor Sebastian Duterte.

Duhaylungsod said that the DCWD has been coordinating with the city government offices,  particularly the City Mayor’s Office.

“Since September 16, we have been coordinating with them, our efforts, areas for deliveries and updates of the repair on site,” Duhaylungsod said.

“In all fairness to them, especially the City Mayor’s Office, they’re on top of the situation,” Duhaylungsod said.

She said they have found an alternative solution to fix the electrical problem of Line 2. Replacement parts that would be the permanent solution to the problem but she said it would take months to obtain such due to the government’s procurement process.

“As of yesterday (September 18), at 1:16 p.m. we are in full-blast in our operations. We have already operated all of the needed booster pumps so we can reach the desired pressure for normal operations,” Duhaylungsod said.

“We understand that the inconvenience it gave to the general public is immense and we really apologize for that,” the DCWD spokesman said.

Duhaylungsod thanked volunteer firefighters also for joining to augment the fleet of tankers delivering water to affected households during the water interruption.

“Shoutout sa mga fire volunteers who have helped since September 16, so we can cover more areas,” said the PIA dispatch quoting Duhaylungsod as saying.

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