Vintage Vince voices heretical retort

WHAT caught my attention in the just-ended 8th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) was Spencer Yu’s pre-event statement.  As quoted by Inquirer’s Tessa R. Salazar, Stephen, my good friend cum president of SMC Car Asia, said: “The BMW iX is the first battery electric vehicle (BEV) that BMW introduced here in the Philippines last April and the reception has been overwhelming for BEVs.”

I didn’t even know about its having arrived.  Was I still in isolation mode because of the pandemic?

Continued Yu:  “We want to be able to promote sustainability, and electrification is one of the answers for these…We can expect more BEVs from BMW, and the iX is just the first…But we also need to take a look at the proper infrastructure to be able to operate these EVs.”

While at it, I cite Danny “Sir John” Isla’s stinging observation of Toyota’s reported not all-out thrust to go into car electrification, using a CNBC report as his source.

Wrote CNBC’s Michael Wayland recently:  “Toyota, the king of hybrid vehicles, has come under scrutiny by some environmental groups for its cautiousness on investing in fully electric vehicles.  The company doesn’t believe battery-electric vehicles are the only solution to producing more sustainable vehicles and achieving carbon neutrality.”

Isla, the Lexus Manila founding president in 2009 now based in New Zealand, called Vince Socco’s attention to this.  Socco, an almost indispensable top gun at Toyota Motor Philippines, had but a terse reply:  “We need multiple pathways!  Never was wise to put all eggs in one basket, then and now.”

Vintage Vince.

PEE STOP My dear family and dearest relatives had a grand chillax time at a hidden resort in Brgy. Bulaon, San Fernando, Pampanga, last weekend.  The two-day bonding was not only fun-filled, what with endless laps of swimming at the chlorine-free pool, but a sumptuous food fiesta as well, not to mention everyone having to survive a keen singing competition via the ubiquitous karaoke, with Dada & Odette both easily emerging as standouts. The games that followed, like the snuff-the-candle-challenge and the “Trip to Jerusalem,” saw Emman and the rest of the kids enjoying them to the max.  Mama Ching had generously shelled out crispy cash for the game winners. Special mention goes to Denise A. Fernandez and Malaya M. Sadiwa for their splendid emceeing chores.  The combined barbecuing brilliance of cousins Tristan, Mayo, Migel, Niko, Joshua, Luigi, Jojo, Christian, Ricky and Ikap earned warm applause like the tireless kitchen chores courtesy of Maricelle, Odette, Shang and director/orchestrator Sol J.  Coach Dayong’s lavish home-delivered local delicacies like sisig, kalderetang itik and fried catfish with buro and mustasa were big hits.  Of course, not to be outdone was MayaSoh, who had pitched in her forte: dishwashing in tandem with Anapat (vacationing from Doha, Qatar).  Much thanks to Doctors Eugene and Donna Fernandez, the proud parents of swimming standouts Pio & Paco.  Eugene & Donna’s gargantuan efforts made the special occasion a reality for the 29-strong mix of young and old—with stupendous assistance from Rene Reyes, Donna’s super-humble cousin, who co-owns the spic-and-span two-storey, glass-panelled, three-bedroom house—a perfect hideaway that sits princely on a 650-sqm prime lot on a two-hectare, tree-lined enclave, where you can commune with nature in abject peace.  And what did Dante, Speaker Frediboy and I do to make the escape to the boondocks worth our while?  Double-black kept us glued happily together—the prodigal poison shared heartily with Tristan, Eugene and, of course, Rene Reyes, whose grilled squid and dinuguan itik made the gathering all the more deliciously memorable.  Cheers!