Putin’s humiliation on show as Russian troop abandons tank and flees on foot after ambush

The Ukrainian Defence Ministry released footage of a surprise attack on a moving Russian tank, which forced the terrified Russian troop inside to abandon the vehicle and flee on foot. The entire attack was caught on camera, which shows the deadly Ukrainian 93rd Mechanized Brigade destroying a Russian T-80BV. It is thought that the Ukrainian forces may have used the US-supplied anti-tank missile, the FGM-148 Javelin, in the attack which took place in the east of Ukraine.

The footage, captured by a drone, shows the moment the missile strikes the moving tank, which causes fire and smoke to billow from the vehicle.

A close-up of the tank shows a troop jumping out and abandoning the tank before running away on foot.

It is unclear what happened to the troop after the ambush strike.

In a tweet, the Defence Ministry tweeted: “Mad Max: Ukraine’s Fury Road. There is no escape from Ukrainian 93rd Mechanized Brigade!”

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One viewer remarked on how the attack exposed Russia’s flawed tactics and diminishing supplies of troops.

@terror_studies tweeted: “Why do we constantly see one tank out in the open by itself? Are they just getting lost and separated from the rest of their guys or what?

“Plus there only seemed to be one dude in the tank unless he ditched someone else.”

This comes as US intelligence officials estimate that 500 Russian troops are killed or wounded every day.