‘MPT Mobility revenues set to rise’

Metro Pacific Tollways Corp. (MPTC) expects its digital ventures arm to contribute at least 10 percent to its overall revenues within the next five years, as its portfolio companies beef up their operations.

Rodrigo E. Franco, the president of MPTC, said MPT Mobility is expected to drive “meaningful contribution” to its parent company’s revenues by 2028, banking on the growing demand for digital solutions for mobility.

“Right now, I think MPT Mobility contributes less than 5 percent to the entire MPTC revenues. But with the investments we are making in the business, our goal is to raise that contribution to 10 percent in three to five years—and that’s not easy because the expressway business is growing rapidly,” Franco said during a press conference late Tuesday.

MPT Mobility houses several business ventures, namely: Dibz, Byahe, Spot On, Easytrip, MPT DriveHub, Savvice, and Drive and Dine.

Dibz is a parking solution that enables drivers to search, pre-book, and pay for their perfect space for a hassle-free parking experience, while Byahe is a transportation company that operates modern jeepneys in different parts of the country.

Spot On provides advertising solutions in the expressways operated by MPTC, while Easytrip is the electronic toll collection system of the company.

A travel companion app, MPT DriveHub is an app-based platform that provides expressway users with solutions that help them plan out their trips, top up their RFID tags, and check latest traffic updates.

Savvice, meanwhile, is a full-service solutions provider that offers fleet services, maintenance facilities, traffic auxiliary, roadway system, and general services.

Lastly, Drive and Dine is the company’s real estate and retail arm, offering expressway users pit stop facilities for dining and shopping.

“The MPT Mobility business will have to step up and grow their revenues,” Franco said, noting that his group expects the ventures to create “meaningful contributions to the overall revenues” of the company with their growth.

MPT Mobility was introduced in 2021, as MPTC saw a huge opportunity in the pandemic-induced digital transformation in the Philippines. It leverages digital solutions to address “pain points during a mobility journey,” Franco said.

He added that aside from the existing ventures, MPT Mobility continues to study the other pinpoints that the company can address. MPT Mobility is in the business of acquiring startups, entering into partnerships with other companies, and developing its own digital solutions.