FMQs LIVE: ‘Playing into Putin’s hands!’ Sturgeon issued grim warning about indyref2 plot

Nicola Sturgeon’s plan to reduce the number of cars on the road was torn apart by campaigners, as the Government is now looking to test a mobility and scrappage scheme that would incentivise low-income households to travel sustainably by replacing their polluting vehicles.

Under this, low-income households that own an aging vehicle that no longer complies with emissions standards could be offered £3,000 to replace their car with an alternative low-carbon form of travel.

These include scrapping the old car in favour of purchasing of bicycles or membership in a cycle-hire scheme or car-sharing club, as well as multi-trip bus and rail tickets.

Speaking to, Howard Cox, the founder of FairFuel UK said: “What is it, about Governments believing they can simply throw cash at low-income drivers to follow their ill-informed green ideal?

“They are not political lemmings, they need their cars and vans every day of their lives. They choose to drive because they want to drive too. A bus pass and a bicycle is no substitute for the convenience, reliability and security of their vehicles.

“As usual the out-of-touch politicos are clueless about how road user transport with clean fuels should be allowed to evolve organically instead of through un-consulted cliff edge targets and dressed up bribes that won’t make a tosh of difference to the environment.”