Camilla is the ‘real boss’ in relationship with King Charles III, says ex-aide

Queen Consort Camilla is the “real boss” in her and King Charles’s relationship, according to a former Royal aid. Camilla has been described as the “Royal’s secret weapon” and is expected to be Charles’s source of strength in his new role as King.

Queen Camilla has been described as down to earth – she is able to bridge the gap between the Royal Family and the outside world due to the fact that she has lived in both worlds.

Before marrying King Charles, she spent more than 50 years outside of the Royal Family and likely understands how the firm can connect with the rest of the world, according to King Charles’ former communication secretary, Julian Payne.

Writing for an article in The Times, he describes Camilla as someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously, however, he believes she will excel because she “respects the role and the institution completely but not at the expense of keeping her own feet firmly on the ground”.

Despite Camilla being an important decision maker within the Royal Family, Mr Payne claims she did not campaign for her new title.

He said: “She certainly never instructed me to do anything to advance the argument and neither did the King.

“Much like her wider work, I think she simply felt if it was meant to be it would happen, but it was never a role that she actively campaigned for.”

The announcement by Queen Elizabeth II earlier this year that Camilla would be named Queen Consort but to rest nearly 20 years of speculation on the issue.

When Her Majesty the Queen made the announcement, she cited Camilla’s “loyal service” to the Firm, a characteristic which Mr Payne says is “valued most” by the Royal Family.

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Whether it is sharing a laugh together between Royal engagements or discussing the day’s events on the way home to help decompress, Camilla has been by King Charles’ side to make his role more enjoyable throughout the years.

Since taking the title of Queen Consort on September 8, Camilla and the King have made numerous public appearances together.

They visited the four countries of the United Kingdom, and, of course, both attended the ceremonies honouring her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II including her state funeral on September 19.

There is no doubt that Camilla will continue in her new role to advise Charles as she helps him navigate his duties as King.