A new gin from Japan for any and every meal

Suntory brings Sui to the Philippines, a new standard of gin.

Sui Gin hails from a rich heritage, being from the same Suntory Osaka plant that produced the Hermes Gin in 1936 and Roku Gin in 2017. The creation and perfection of Sui Gin are based on more than 100 years of Suntory’s expertise in creating quality spirits.

Sui Gin is made in Japan with a combination of botanicals that are distinctly Japanese: yuzu, green tea, and ginger. Combined with traditional gin botanicals, including juniper berry, coriander seed, and angelica root, the result is a gin that is clear, refreshing, and pairs well with any and all dishes.

To savor the refreshing taste of Sui Gin, the perfect combination and ratio are important. Imagine getting together with friends for a celebration at your favorite restaurant? All you need is a bottle of Sui Gin with the perfect mixture.

SUI Gin & Soda: This is the classic recommended way to serve Sui Gin. It is a simple mix of soda water to let Sui’s delicate flavor shine through.

SUI Sonic: For depth and complexity, add a splash of tonic water.

Mix it up!: You can make your own concoction for a more customized experience: add a squeeze of lemon, a tablespoon of Yuzu juice, raw grated ginger, or green tea. For more unique flavors, get trendy by adding crushed plum, wasabi, shiso leaves, or frozen oranges. Experience the flavors of Sui Gin that complement every meal occasion.

Sui Gin is now available in S&R stores nationwide and coming soon at your nearest supermarkets and liquor stores, as well as GrabMart, Lazada, Boozy, and Boozeshop.