A mesh of new singles for rainy afternoons

MOONSTAR88 – “Next Week”

Moonstar88, band known for Pinoy love anthems, releases another hugot song titled “Next Week” about one’s procrastination to keep heartbreak at bay. The song is a plea to one’s significant other to postpone a breakup hoping that next week he will be more ready and it will be less painful.

“Next Week” is proof that one can find inspiration for a song from anywhere. It was inspired by a video of “Gandang Gabi Vice” segment where Vice Ganda and Bella Padilla talked about heartbreaks and how they bargained with their lovers to hold off breaking up with them for one more week because they could not handle the sudden absence. Written by Herbert Hernandez, the new track will be  the first single off the band’s upcoming album titled Lourdes 2088.

RICO BLANCO – “Palibot-libot”

in his new single “Palibot-libot,” Rico Blanco reflects on the uncertainty that thrives between friendship and relationship. The stirring synth-pop track comes from a place of earnestness rather than merely hopping trendy themes.

Originally intended to be recorded with a simple acoustic guitar arrangement, “Palibot-libot” explores a more synth-pop direction that unfolds with a soaring chorus and minimal ambient touches. With its storytelling “anchored precariously on someone’s steadfast devotion,” albeit a one-sided one, the song minces no words about the reality of love: It’s not always synchronized, even with complications, but that’s the beauty of it. The release of “Palibot-libot” comes after the prolific musician staged a successful solo concert at the Araneta Coliseum last September 11, 2022.

Araw ng mga Bayani Selection: Songs for and about Heroes

Musika Publiko pays tribute to the heroes of the country via a Spotify playlist that aims to motivate love of country, love for our kababayan, and the Filipino people’s continuing aspiration for better conditions and good governance. Following are two tracks from the selection:

Internationally renowned Filipino World Music rock band Talahib People’s Music welcomed Miss Universe Catriona Gray during her homecoming with a performance marked by the use of indigenous instruments. Now comes DAM – a song that is both a tribute to the katutubo – Indigenous people in the Philippines, and how developmental aggression continues to destroy their homes, communities, livelihoods, culture, and way of life. It’s the group’s first official release in a decade.

SLUMBERPARTY – Tinik Sa Lalamunan
Originally released for the acoustic collection titled “Sulat, Puso, Diwa.” “Tinik Sa Lalamunan” gets a new propulsion from Zoe delos Santos of the grunge-rock band Slumberparty. The revitalized song resonates with a powerful message about Filipino women as it proudly proclaims their heroism even as it takes a swipe at men’s backward patriarchal thinking that women always need rescuing.

EVANUELL – “Just a Stranger”

Debut single “Just A Stranger” from newcomer Evanuell is a grandiose re-introduction to the musician’s continuing voyage to exorcise personal demons and hopefully, save a few souls along the way. Evanuell says, “Musically, I was introduced to music at a young age by our family driver, so it was into a lot of pop, including stuff like the Backstreet Boys, and whatever was on the radio,” “Of course, as I got older, I gravitated towards friends who ultimately became my bandmates, I was became heavily into groups like Dream Theater, Muse, Queen… and the sound we were going for naturally became a mesh of all these groups.”

Being the chief lyricist and architect of the song, Evanuell came up with the main idea, guitar riffs and arrangement, yet credits the band for the recording of the new single. He shares, “The goal with ‘Just A Stranger’ is to share the story, and I want to be able to use music as an opportunity to reflect what everybody is going through but this is basically just the tip of the iceberg.”

SIN SANTOS – “Forever, The Night” EP

Philippine born – Australia based Sin Santos  returns with a six-track project titled “Forever, The Night,” with Sin opting to tread through dark themes of being misunderstood, finding means of surviving, and seeking validation from the world. With moody production and an A-class feature from Melbourne local FFXRK, the focus single, “intothenight,” displays the expected hunger and drive that have been showcased on previous releases from Santos, only this time he exudes more confidence and bravado. Not shying away from depicting Sin’s dreams and ambitions, this release is sure to keep his doubters and the competition in check as the artist conquers new heights.