Karan Mehra vs Nisha Rawal: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai star makes SHOCKING revelations about death threats; accuses ex-wife of physically assaulting him

Image credit: Instagram

Conspiracy against Karan Mehra

The actor also mentioned that Nisha Rawal, Rohit Sethia and Laxmi Rawal conspired against him. He claimed that they assaulted him while he was recuperating from COVID-19 and charged false allegations against him. He said, ‘In May, Nisha Rawal, Rohit Sethia and Laxmi Rawat conspired against me and false cases were filed against me. They made false accusations, threw me out of the house, and physically assaulted me. I was recovering from Covid-19 and I was sleeping when they barged in. Laxmi was recording the video to see if I reacted when he was hitting me. But I never hit back. ‘ Also Read – Has Nisha Rawal’s infidelity as alleged by Karan Mehra put a dent in her friendship with Rohit K Verma [Exclusive]